Confessions of a Sensual Artist

Why female nudes? The inspiration behind the Art and the Artist.

“She revealed herself
In the wonderful form
Of a woman”


I was asked recently what inspires my painting and my art … why nudes? Why the female nude? It’s a great question and certainly one I know collectors and those that love my art share a curiosity about.

So here goes. My attempt to articulate …

First and foremost I’d say that I am in awe of the Unutterable Beauty of the Female Body.



Her curves, the tone of her skin, the flow between all her parts, the way that she communicates through her body and the sheer sensuality of her. 

But there is more … The feminine energy she exudes is palpable.

She is powerful … at times she knows her own power and others she isn’t yet aware of her incredible potential.

She is soft, alluring, welcoming. Her resilience, courage and stamina means she can move mountains. 

She is a creator of life. She may be a mother. Life force flows through her and out of her.

When I paint I want to capture the essence of the feminine, of the woman herself, each individual’s feelings and message caught on canvas. 


Expressionist, Bold Brushstrokes


My unconventional placement of colour and tone and my bold brushstrokes communicate the sensuality, passion and freedom that I see as innate in her. She is wild, she is free, she abhors being portrayed with perfect lines, and colours because deep down she knows she is not to be ruled by convention and she is so much more than history has made her.

There is also a sense of movement in my work that comes from the brushstrokes and the ‘imperfection’ which describes the perfect balance that there is between all the parts of her body. They are one. None is better or worse. Some may stand out and be celebrated or used to express desires and inner feeling or beliefs held, but a basic underlining ‘wholeness’ remains.


Extra Large Original Indian Ink Artwork


I feel that all women are beautiful. Many of us struggle to embrace this. We find fault with our bodies. We compare and criticise. Each of us is unique and beautiful. If we can get in touch with this we can truly learn to live happier lives, content and proud of ourselves, being the incredible beings we came here to be.


Original Nude Art


This poem has been a massive influence on my work and describes my inspiration so much better than I could possibly do. (Brush, colour and canvas are my medium so I honour those whose creativity is expressed through words)

Lucy Trevitt so beautifully describes the awesomeness of being a woman.

Inspiration Poem

Let the women in my paintings, say 

‘look at me, I am … revealing myself in the wonderful form of a woman’


Yours in Art

And with Love xx



P.S. Here's the poem xx

She Revealed Herself

She revealed herself
In the wonderful form
Of a woman
The passionate
Who would bear her soul
And release her heart
She grew wild
Like lightning
On a dark night
Full with the moon's tides
From the ties
That bound her
Other times
Deep, tender, and intangible
She was like a goddess
In candlelight
Soft, open and receiving
And this
Was her true
That she came
From the same source
As the sunrise and sunset
The same as flowers and fire
Ocean and mountain
Birth and death
That she was beautiful
And the eyes of her heart
Were opened